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Coming Keys is a trusted partner in the real estate industry committed to customer satisfaction and expertise. Our priority is to establish and strengthen customer relationships based on quality service, honesty and trust. We have created a space for ourselves in the real estate industry, defined by a strong and profitable commitment. From the best deals to hassle-free purchases and property management, our experienced and professional partners offer you the best deals.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer,an experienced investor, or looking to sell your property, Coming Keys has the information and resources to help you. Your dreams and wishes are the basis of our efforts. Every page you turn tells a different story. We do not sell products, we open the door to special experiences. Your satisfaction is a work of art and quality is our concern. We catch you on the doorway of your dreams and start the journey together. By working together, we will give time and open the door to the best. This place holds the key to unlocking the untold story of your destiny and life that will take you on a journey beyond the physical world!

About Us

Mr. Rajan Raheja

15 years of leadership in real estate sector

Rajan Raheja, a visionary leader behind Coming Keys, is the first generation entrepreneur of the family and is an acknowledged expert of the Indian Real Estate market. With an illustrious career spanning 13years in the real estate industry and after working with various companies like All check deals, 99 acres, Vatika, Adani. Rajan Raheja has become a true luminary in the world of property transactions and investments.

Rajan Raheja founded Coming Keys on the principles of integrity, innovation, and exceptional service, and over the years, they have translated these principles into remarkable success. He is not only a shrewd entrepreneur but also a dedicated mentor, having nurtured and inspired countless real estate professionals in their journey to success. In a field as dynamic and competitive as real estate, Rajan Raheja has consistently risen to the occasion, adapting to industry trends and setting new standards of excellence. His passion, vision, and unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction have made Coming Keys, a beacon of success in the real estate world.
CEO Rajan Raheja

5+ Years of Experience

10 Million Sqft
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Why Choose Us ?

"We're the key to your real estate success"

Coming Keys Real Estate is your ideal choice for a real estate partner. Our expertise, personalized service, and commitment to your best interests set us apart. We measure our success by your satisfaction and deliver results. We're not just a business; we're an active part of the community we serve.

Our integration of technology and a proven track record further solidify our dedication to excellence. Choose Coming Keys Real Estate to unlock the door to your real estate dreams.


In order to make real estate a journey of limitless prospects, underpinned by trust, innovation, and unrivaled client happiness, our vision is to be the reliable key that unlocks these ambitions. Transparency, ethics, and empowerment, in our vision of the future, will reinvent the real estate experience and ensure the success of our clients for many generations.


Our mission is to provide exceptional real estate services that empower our clients to make informed and confident decisions in the buying, selling, and investing in properties. We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, leveraging our expertise, and embracing the latest technology to streamline the real estate process.

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